LOOSE Research Group

The LOOSE Research Group, led by Dr.Radu Marinescu, is focused on the evolution and re-engineering of object-oriented software systems. All research activities of the LOOSE Research Group follow an iterative approach starting with basic research which is then concretized in two directions: on the one hand in the academic field, and on the other hand in collaborations with the industry.

In the academia, the research results of the LRG are materialized in form of lectures and laboratories, as well as diploma and master thesesis. These are then subsequently distilled and shared to the research community as scientific publications.

Concerning its relation with the industry, LRG is involved in consultancy and technology transfer, as we believe that the industry represents the final target and the validation means for ours research results.

As an organization, the goal of LRG is to bring together researchers and outstanding senior students in computer science in order to join the research experience of the former with the studenthood creativity and enthusiasm of the latter. This way, the research efforts benefit from both the knowledge and the flexibility of the students, while these students get an entry-point into research. This mutual relation between researchers and students represents the driving force of LRG.